postheadericon Factors to Remember In a Vanniyar Wedding

Vanniyar married life weddings are mostly set by the recommendations where members of the family and friends recommend potential bridegrooms or wedding brides for your loved ones. This religious beliefs has also started out up its gates to contemporary ways of weddings such as looking at Telugu married life websites and recognizing really like weddings. When this group chooses to enjoy their really like in a powerful way they indulge themselves in a wonderful marriage event that is quite intricate and rich in lifestyle and lifestyle. Wedding marriage are typically performed by a Brahmin or by an Oduvar.

Here are few common traditions frequent at a vanniyar married life wedding:


This particular marriage occurs at the wedding brides position and the bridegroom comes with his family members and places a thamboolam in the existence of the master. It contains propitious items such as jewelry, money, dairy, blossoms, grape and Vethilaipak. This is then given to the bride’s mother and the girl’s hand is requested for marriage.

Special containers for the marriage:

In the good ancient day when marriage events used to last longer, new bride would visit the groom’s home just a day before marriage with a woman of the ceramic caste along with containers that were exclusively made for their marriage.

Decorating the Wedding Dais:

The dais is designed naturally with decorative lighting and appealing things like containers, a dairy publish with a handle of a plough, a pot with a light (Kuda Viakku) and many more.


This marriage is performed independently for both the bridegroom as well as new bride and they are sitting on a wood made cedar and 5 women apply oil and lawn on their skin. They perform aarti to keep off all the wicked that may be hanging around the bride’s or groom’s life. And when they go to a shower, five small desserts are placed on their body as a habit.

Wedding Rituals:

Before the pair get ready for the marriage they need to make three units of the dais. They offer pongal to forefathers, home gods and villagers in five containers during the marriage.


Once the pair has clothed up and came, the preacher connections a sacred line (Kanganam) around the arms of the pair.

Tying the Thali:

The line or the thali is handed down to the people who are present so that the pair can get their delights and then later the bridegroom connections it on the bride’s throat. The preacher then chants sacred compared to and there is music of the conch and flute.

Tying the Pattam:

The partners then exchange their chairs and their clothing is linked together. A silver or silver dish is linked around their temple which is known as pattam.

Ammi Midithal:

This usually is the summary of the big event when both new bride and the bridegroom go circular taking 3 units of dais and dairy publish.

In the recent times these traditions are customized as per the household’s comfort and perception.